Day 73: My Parents Love Me

Having been traveling and doing house stuff and everything else in between, I haven't had the time to go to my parents' home for dinner in awhile.

My dad is the family chef and he cooks fabulous food for my family almost everyday. But when I called to ask if there was dinner at home, I found out he had been working late the past few days and did not have time to cook. 5 minutes later, my mom called me back and said, don't worry about it, she would cook, come home anyway. I did. And I found out my brothers were both not eating at home that day and my dad was working late. On such a day, my parents would usually just eat out or buy back food. But since I had asked, my mom had cooked specially for me and even cooked exactly what I wanted- sesame oil chicken. Yums. Despite a long day at work, dad also cut fruit for me after dinner, which is his usual practice. All I did was assume my usual spot in my parents' home lounging on the sofa.

My parents love me

I thank God for such wonderful parents :)

The outfit of the day has nothing to do with my parents' apart from the sense of style they have imparted to me:
layered white shift dress a hand me down, pink cropped jacket with peplum from a flea, silver shoes from Berlin

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