28 for 28

In 28 days, I will be turning 28. To celebrate 28 blessed years of life, I hope to do at least 28 things that will bless others. They might be simple gestures, but I hope they bring a smile. Join me in my journey. I have not decided on what the 28 things will be yet, so suggestions are welcome :) 

To start off, I'm lending my support to a worthy cause today. 

I read about Solar Sister on a climate change publication and I thought it was simply brilliant. It's a social enterprise that helps to bring women out of poverty by enabling them to sell solar powered products to their community. So it helps to empower women, bring electricity to places that do not have easy access to electricity, and helps spread the use of green energy. All issues close to my heart. 

What I appreciated was that when I had sent an email with questions regarding the sustainability of the business for the women it aims to help and affordability of products that they are selling, I got a detailed email from the CEO Katherine Lucey very quickly answering my questions and explaining more about how things work in and around the organisation and how the women involved feel about what they are doing. 

Let's hope my little contribution makes a difference to somebody. 

Any suggestions for tomorrow?

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