Day 42: Creating Our Dream Home

Upon arrival in singapore, I got a few hours of sleep and then it was off to meet a contractor for our new place. As there were some furniture warehouses nearby we decided to check them out too. 

The outfit pic was taken outside Galanga Living. Since it opened along Henderson road a few years ago, I have loved this place with its eclectic mix of furniture, with a touch of vintage, the weight of industrial and a hint of rustic. Now that I'm finally looking to furnish my very own home, this is definitely one of the places I'm getting my stuff from.

We've also been thinking that we want our new place to have a simple retro vibe, with lots of DIY. so if you have any nice old furniture you want to give away, or stuff you think we can upcycle, let me know. we just might be able give them a new lease of life.

My outfit today:
Printed top I got from a Robinsons sample sale many years ago
Denim shorts a gift from the Mother in Law
My weekend sandals from Bata

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