Day 36 to 39: The Home Stretch

As we entered the last few days of the negotiations, the weather suddenly turned cold again, and much unnecessary drama unfolded. We went into late night negotiations, early morning meetings and coordination through lunch. Hence, meals times were a scarce privilege. I always thank God for a brilliant delegation which engaged in snack/meal delivery services when stomachs were growling in the trenches.

In the same vein, blogging was also impossible, so I'm catching up with our outfit posts for the last few days now.

Day 36: The Return of Winter

We were decked out again in our warmest clothes (by island standards) as winter returned.

My Outfit:
Green cardigan from Bangkok
Cream scarf from mom
Black Pants from G2000
Green Long Sleeved top (hidden by cardi) a hand-me-down

Angelines' Outfit:
Black cardigan from Uniqlo
Dress from Dorothy Perkins
Black tights from H&M
Colourful scarf from mom

Day 37: Long Skirts and Long Days

We happened to both wear long skirts and blazers with similar cuts that day.
My outfit: 
Black blazer with sequin details from Bangkok
Dark blue dress from a shop at Ann Siang Hill
Peranakan metal belt from Sungei Road Theives Market

Angeline's Outfit:
Jacket from Primark
Skirt from AOSIS
Ballet flats from New Look

Day 38: The Final Countdown

We were into our 3rd last day of negotiations and we were elated. This photo was taken just before a crazy night drafting session started and Angeline very charitably had come to deliver a sandwich and some snacks to tide me through the forgone dinner.

Day 39: Mighty Mice! Here they come to save the day!

This was the day of brinkmanship and close saves. Threats of walking away from the table were exchanged, but we were always saved by Mighty Mice who could find compromise language that all could live with. I had a tiring day fighting over last minute textual amendments as we tried to close negotiations on all tracks. The greatest absurdities of the day were 30mins spent over whether to delete the word "the". And that was standing between me and my lunch. 

My outfit:
Red dress from a flea
Grey suit jacket from a flea
Peranakan metal belt from Sungei Road Thieves Market

Angeline's Outfit: 
Top from Banana Republic
Pants from Zara
String of pearls from Bangkok

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