Day 34: Sew Happy

I'm sew happy I got a few hours off yesterday morning and I made the most of it. But I'll talk about that in another post. 

To keep up the weekly Sew Happy segment, I wore a home made skirt.

This was one of the first few sewing experiments I did. I figured making a skirt couldn't be that hard. It's essentially just 2 rectangles with a few darts. Unfortunately, I forgot to include the slit for movement, so this skirt kinda restricts my long strides somewhat, but I love the fit and the length. I've since learnt from my mistake, but I haven't made another pencil skirt since. 

Here are the outfits of the day:

Mine: green cardigan from Bangkok
Green tank top from Chinatown
Dark blue linen pencil skirt from Gan Ann's sewing room

Angeline's: Cardigan from Banana Republic 
Striped dress from Dorothy Perkins
We are clearly running out of ideas for our poses.

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