Day 32: Mobile Kitchen

I made my fried rice today. Best meal option in the Maritim Bonn in my opinion.

I firmly believe that decent comfort food is very important for survival in such situations. I always think about setting up an Asian food stall at the conference venue every time I go for negotiations. I am pretty sure I would make more money doing that, with shorter working hours. That is unless the negotiations are held in Bangkok. The food there is fabulous. 

Next on the menu of Gan Ann's kitchen is macaroni soup (hopefully). Anyone wanna place orders?

Anyway, here are our outfits for the day. Ignore the slightly dazed eyes. It was taken at the end of a long day.

Brown dress from Primark
Grey blazer from a flea
Belt free with a pair of pants

Printed dress from Dorothy Perkins
Blazer from Zara
Ballet flats from New Look (5 pounds!!!)

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