Gown Shopping

Hello everyone, hope you all had a beautiful weekend.

Recently, I've had a second wind in my wedding preparations. I spent last week trying to get catering quotes and looking for photo booth vendors.

I also set aside last Saturday to look for the materials for my gown. Finding the perfect gown has always been among the top priority for brides. I have trudged up and down tanjong pagar several times just looking for a bridal studio with the right gown, but nothing fit the bill :( The price tags on the gowns and packages were also crazy. With the futile search both in shops and online, I decided, I would have to tailor-make my gown.

The thought of making my own gown has crossed my mind many times. But I have to admit, I'm not there yet. I've spent many hours browsing the Chinatown stores without finding the kind of lace I want, so I decided to try Arab street instead. Arab street is a treasure trove of lace! My mom and I spent hours trawling through the bales of lace, deciding on which would be the best, and climbed up and down many flights of stairs looking for an elusive tailor.
The lace that I finally chose

After all that, I am proud to say, I have finally confirmed my gown! I found a nice tailor, who sat down with me and talked through what I wanted and what would work best. I'll let you guys know if it turns out well. *fingers crossed*

(If anyone is looking for a simple wedding gown, my advice is to tailor it. It is impossible to find a simple gown at the wedding studios. It's actually cheaper to make too by almost 50%)

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