Today, as I waited for my friend to pick me up, I noticed an old lady crossing the road. I noticed her because the traffic light had already turned green but all the cars could not go as she had not made it all the way across the road. I watched as she inched forward with each step. As she made it to the curb, she noticed me staring. Slightly embarrassed, I immediately diverted my gaze to something else. A few moments later, I looked back in her direction and she was still looking at me, or at least in my general direction with a strange vacant look. I contemplated going over to talk to her or ask her if she needed help. But before I could overcome inertia, indecision, and fear, my friend's car rolled up. And I promptly hopped in. I immersed myself in the easy banter on the car, but till now, remain haunted by thoughts of the old lady.

Note to self. Do not let such moments pass ever again.

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