Hey everyone! How was your Christmas?
Mine didn't really feel like Christmas this year as I was involved in the church Musical and didnt really have time for many other festivities. I didnt even manage to do much christmas shopping :(

But I guess all the hard work that went into the musical was worth it, as we welcomed more into the kingdom.

Stark contrasts in characters. 
 There was a whole lot of siting around, waiting...

 The FM at Fi's annual christmas party
Doesn't Mr Kwek look great in his bubblegum geek get-up?

Then there was the office party, organised by yours truly, who has become knows at the office social secretary.
 I finally got my Glace Mont Blanc cake from my secret santa! Awesome gift!
And I made elve hats for everyone! The boys were just too un-fun to put them on.

2 days before Christmas, the office also decided that it was a good time to have a fire drill, so we took the opportunity to take photos on the lawn. 

 Looking back, my christmas was pretty great after all :)

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