Hello, how was your long weekend? I know for those of us who had a really long week, the long weekend probably seems like a distant memory. Mine does. But let me reminice about the Easter weekend.

A bunch of us set off bright and early on Friday morning to take a ferry to the sunny island of Batam.

There, we met an amaging group of young people who encouraged my heart and taught me what it meant to give all that you have to the Lord.
We played games, sang songs, and learning from the Word together. As we taught them new activities, they taught us a new language.
We visited the kampongs together. Bringing gifts of food to the poor and conducting a cell group together. You cannot imagine singing praises to the Lord in a tiny wooden home, with no electricity, packed with youths (and an 80 yr old granny with a toddler). Memorable, you bet.
We also had the opportunity to pray with those we visited.
Sunday was the day we conducted the children's programme at the church. Check out the cute penguines with tummies filled with treats that each child got to bring home.
We also got to witness a water baptism in the local swimming pool.
We even had a home cooked indonesian meal!
It was a blessed time.

Hope your Easter weekend was fabulous too.

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