Whizz Through the Weekend

I had a pretty much awesome weekend, and I hope you guys did too!
Highlight of the weekend, I finally went to develop my first roll of fisheye film. And I learning the conditions that I should be shooting the photos in. Clearly, bright sunlight is the way to go. Unfortunatly, some pictures did not come out at all as they were waaay too dark. Here are my favourites :)

Thanks to Ms Cher, I also made a trip to the museum for the Egyptian exhibit. It was much smaller than expected but I always like the Singapore National Museum. There's something about the building that's just charming. What I was really impressed with was the history galleries. I actually learned alot about our very short history, and it was a very enjoyable experience as all forms of media were used to their best. Short films, oral history, and brilliant decoration. I was thrilled to see a report card from SCGS (my alma mata), in the section on the years when girls first started attending school.

And then there was YA Blast, which was a Blast :)

Blindfolded 3 man soccer. Penalty Kick!

Awesome weekend!

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