Whizz Through the Weekend

Mr Kwek had been busy with his CFA and Church Camp for the last few weeks, so I finally got to spend some time with him this weekend.

This was Mr Kwek's first time pumping petrol by himself.

The most exciting event of the weekend. Mr Kwek bought me a bike! And a bright yellow Raleigh at that! Aluminium frame with Shimano gears and front suspension. We bought it from a neighbourhood shop in Hougang which is run by a lovely couple. They were really helpful and made sure the bike was in perfect condition before I took it home.
I finally fulfilled my dream of riding a bike to work today. Although I just realized that the ride here was easy cos it was downhill most of the way. Going back is gonna be tough... Erm...might not have been such a good idea after all...

My new pretty pink shoes. The only thing I bought during the JB trip.

The cousin and her two playful sons. They are on the plane back to France now. They next time I see them, they will probably be big boys speaking French.

Spotted in Shenton Way

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